My name is John Beliera, and I  live in the state of Idaho.  About  10 years ago I took up the amateur pursuit of photography, and since then I have fallen in love with photographing mostly the great outdoors.  The eleven western states and especially Idaho present so many opportunities to photograph nature. Photographing landscapes is what I really enjoy doing the best, and I want  you to feel free to browse the images at my galleries on this site. These two images are just a sampling of the kind of photography that i enjoy doing.img_9632-website

IMG_3102 copy 2water marked The first time my wife and I (about 17years ago) drove into town, we fell in love with the college town atmosphere and how clean the town was kept.  I have lived in various cities throughout my life, but I don’t ever remember any of them being as well kept up as  Boise Idaho




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